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Latest Article — Art in the Home: Tips & Trends for Decorating Your Walls

If you’ve already done most of the big projects while designing your home, one thing I advise people not to overlook is how they decorate the rest of their home with things like art and decorations. Depending on your personality and the styles you’ve used throughout the rest of your home, you might adorn your walls with posters, pictures, memorabilia, shelves, lights, or art. This guide is to help you pick art styles that work with the rest of your home’s design.

#1 — Go Full Wall-Size

If you have a certain wall surface and you don’t know what to do with it, or if you just love art and want something big and bold, you can get art to hang that takes up the entire wall. This is less a decoration and accessory and a more integral part of the design of your room, and in fact you may want to design the room around the art rather than the reverse. Regardless, make sure the art and the rest of the room work together in terms of colour and style.

#2 — Frame or Unframed?

For frames there are lots of choices: double frames, traditional matted frames, overlapping, and so on. But you can also leave a painting unframed. This can really come down more to personal preference, but if you are using a frame you can pick the colour and style of the frame or the matting to accent the colour scheme of the rest of the room.

#3 — Nature Theme

One trend that I’ve seen forming that I really like is art that is all about nature, not just in what it depicts but in the materials it uses. You can find frames, sculptures, and room accessories or decorations that are made from the still intact limbs of a tree, or is a shrub that is itself a sculpture, or a framed ‘painting’ that uses natural materials such as leaves, grass, or moss.